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The Pilgrim

This 2013 release is a concept album based on the Pilgrims Progress, a Book by John Bunyan written in the 1600′s. The 18 song concept album is a folksy, story-teller type ride through the story of a man on a journey from this world to the next. Nate recorded and produced The Pilgrim in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 leading up to the release in 2013.



Goodnight California

Goodnight California was recorded in Atlanta at Zac Recording, Eldest Only and Treesound Studios during 2010 and was released in January, 2011. The album blends folk, pop and electronic elements into a unique combination. Goodnight California catapulted Nate on MTV and was widely accepted nationwide. Produced by Atlanta Producers Dan Hannon and Simon Illa.


You and I are Ghosts

Nate's newest release - a 7 song LP featuring hits like Coast to Coast, King of California, and Take it Home. The collection of songs is based on the concept that everything we leave behind are ghosts: relationships, friends, lifestyle, places, etc. Nate branched into an even more americana/alt country style with some of these songs while keeping his intimate and accessible lyrics and delivery. 



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