"The Madman and the Poet" to be released April 2016

I am happy to announce that we have a release date for my new album "The Madman and the Poet" - after much blood, sweat, tears, laughter, late night Waffle House, and lots of hard work the new record will drop April 15, 2016. The Madman and the Poet is a double-sided, concept album with the MADMAN (tracks 1-6) being more dark, bluesy, rock-n-roll and the POET (tracks 7-12) having a lighter, more emotional and acoustic flare. 

The record release will be followed by a CD release show at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta the very next day, with tickets already on sale here:  http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1007457?utm_medium=api - followed by a 75 city, nationwide tour with a full band to support the new album.

THE MADMAN AND THE POET  Coming April 15, 2016   Cover Art by Charlie Wagers Photography by Brian Ingram

Coming April 15, 2016

Cover Art by Charlie Wagers
Photography by Brian Ingram

The track listing to The Madman and the Poet is as follows:

1. Another Love Song
2. City of Angels
3. Birmingham
4. Midnight Train
5. Ballad of a Horse Thief
6. Sinner or Saint

7. A Madman and a Poet
8. Grey King
9. She Reminds Me
10. We All Need To Love Sometimes
11. Ship with no Sea
12. Let Grace Fall Down on Me

The artwork (shown here) was designed by Charlie Wagers with photography by Brian Ingram, and will be done in vinyl LP as well as CD format, with both featuring foil stamping of the lettering to give it a classic look! Make plans now to enjoy the new record in it's entirety by purchasing tickets to the release show in Atlanta. The release show will be at 7pm on Saturday, April 16, 2016. 

Life is more than things.

This month marks 20 months that I've been living in a motorhome. When I first got the RV and moved into it I honestly did not think I'd be living in it this long, but here I am. I've learned so much simply by living in this 28 foot by 8 foot metal box over the last almost 2 years.

But the number one thing that I've learned is how little we truly need the things we think we can't live without. The majority of my earthly possessions are in two storage containers, and over the past 20 months I've only gone into those containers a handful of times… things that I was so picky with (like furniture and rugs) 5 or 6 years ago now sit collecting dust in a storage space. Clothes and shoes that I paid way too much money for sit in trash bags as do movie collections, electronics, wall art, and more. I guess what this has all taught me is: life is more than "things" - life is about people, it's about experiences, and it's about love and compassion and kindness… Least of all it's about things. Those things that I "loved" so much are now the things that I live without. Just something to think about this holiday season.