New album "Ashes & Earth" to be released April 19

Nate Currin didn’t intend on making another record when he began recording a couple of songs in late 2017. He thought he would release a single or maybe two, but what started as a few demos turned into Nate’s 5th full length album. Ashes & Earth is set to release April 19, exactly three years since Nate’s last album, The Madman and the Poet.

Ashes & Earth is Nate’s most honest work to date, a collection of songs from a road-weary, veteran troubadour. The 10 track album relays tales from the road, regrets from the past, and hope for the future. Nate channels his folksy side in songs such as Ramblin’ Man and Flowers on her Grave and goes full on rock n roll with tracks like Wander Til I Die. But it’s in the heart-wrenching tunes like Guilt & Grief and Heart on the Run that he really opens up and bears his soul in a truly vulnerable way.

“I honestly feel like these songs are the most honest I’ve ever been” says Nate, “Just brutally open and raw.” Ashes & Earth was tracked and recorded at several North Georgia locations with various producers, including Dan Hannon, Jon Poole and Simon Illa. Seven of the 10 tracks were recorded at Trackside Studios right in Nate’s hometown of Gainesville, Georgia - the first time that Nate has worked on an album right at home. And it shows in the work... it’s as close to home as Nate has gotten.